Four-Face Buddha Worship Ritual

4-Faces Buddha Birthday worship

The Four Face God represents the 4 essential values
1st face means Metta is loving kindness dispel anger and hatred
2nd face means Karuna is dispel doing and cruelty
3rd Mutita means Sympathetic joy is dispel envy or jealousy
4th Upeka means Equanimity is dispel stress through observing the middle path thus obtaining calmness of mind and peace (Nibbana) according to the Lord Buddha’s teaching

According to ancient beliefs, the four faces of Brahma answers to prayers related to the following:

1st face: Education and career
(No. of joss sticks: 16)
2nd face: Business and projects
(No. of joss sticks: 36)
3rd face: Peace, happiness and harmony
(No. of joss sticks: 39)
4th face: Good luck and good health
(No. of joss sticks: 19)

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