Do’s and Don’t:

  1. What is the proper dress code when visit Thai temple?
    Men must wear long pants and shirts with sleeves. Women must wear long pants/skirts that cover up their knees, but no tight leggings are allowed. T-shirts are allowed. Shoulders should be kept covered, no see-through clothes or skimpy clothes should be worn.
  2. What is the proper etiquette to observe in Thai culture?
    The head is considered the most sacred part of the body and the feet the most unclean part of the body; please remove your shoes when enter temple, and avoid pointing your feet at someone when seated on the floor.
  3. How to pay respect to the Buddha and Sangha (monks)?
    Put your palms together and bow.
  4.  What is the rule when you see a monk?
    Please treat the monk with reverence. The monk’s precepts do not allow contact with a woman. So female cannot sit next to a monk and cannot touch a monk.
  5. What is Thai preference in greeting someone in Thai temple?
    Thai prefers the wai greeting instead of shaking hands or hugging/kissing.