Julamanee Prasat (Palace in Heaven)

Meaning Palace in Heaven, Julamanee Prasat is strategically located near the city area, providing great convenience to generations who will gather and appreciate the loving memories of those who have passed on.

Situated right next to the Bodhi tree, its big shades brings serenity and peacefulness, while our fully air-conditioned environment shelters you from the scorching afternoon heat.

With our resident monks onsite, chanting and rites can be booked as and when required, and special prayers during festivals such as Ullambana (Seventh Month) will also be conducted.

This is the blissful sanctuary where your loved one rest and be with the Triple Gem.

Booking can be done at the Temple’s Office during office hours (Daily, from 9.00am – 5.00pm) We also accept donation of niche for existing urns without next-of-kin.

Payment (Cash/Cheque only) is to be made in full upon registration. For further enquiries, please come to the Temple office or call us at 62769646.

Terms and conditions and prices are subjected to amendments from time to time.