Please take off your shoes before entering the main shrine. 

It is a beautiful and peaceful shrine showcasing traditional Thai temple altars. The walls and the ceiling of the main shrine are covered with magnificent mural paintings depicting the life of Buddha and his path to enlightenment. 

The wooden floor is covered with a huge plush red carpet running through the center and length of the shrine. Your attention will be immediately drawn to the center of the altar where sits the huge golden statue of Lord Buddha. Around him are a couple of smaller statues, mostly in gold, in standing and prayer positions. Two exquisite lamp holders in the shape of a lotus flower are placed in front of the altar on each side. Offering of flowers, candles and other gifts made by devotees can be seen placed just below the altar. Please follow the safe distancing markers placed on the floors to kneel and offer your prayers. If you wish to receive blessings from the monk, you can collect the red packets placed near the door. Kindly, fall in line if there are several worshipers in front of you. Once you reach the monk, please place the packet on the golden plate offered by the monk to receive his blessings and prayers.

Should you wish to make a donation, you will find a donation box on the left side right below the altar. Don’t forget to collect the bottled water provided to you and bring it back with you for luck!